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Ten Days in Gaza

Ten Days in Gaza

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In February 2010, in the aftermath of the Israeli military action Operation Cast Lead, three photographers visited Gaza and witnessed for themselves the damage and destruction inflicted on the population of this small Palestinian exclave. However, what they saw also surprised them. Instead of despondency and resignation, they saw a human story of dignity under adversity, hope rather than despair.

Ten Days in Gaza is a tribute to the Palestinian struggle for survival and liberation in the face of the endless ordeal of Israeli occupation. This stunning collection of photographs from 2010 tells a story that is often buried in western media coverage: the story of the Palestinian people as individuals with hopes and dreams. Their lives are shattered on a daily basis. They are impoverished, starving and suffering, but their spirit remains strong, as does their will to resist and survive.

Featuring 128 black & white and 12 colour photographs by Giuseppe Aquili, Anthony Dawton and Jim McFarlane, the book also contains 15 digital manipulations created by the world renowned artist Dia al-Azzawi. The distinctive and striking cover artwork, created especially for this book, is also by Dia al-Azzawi.

Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 978-1-3999-7794-4
Size: 230mm x 260mm
Content: 240 pages with 128 black & white and 27 colour images

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