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Children's Books

Hood Hood Books aims to bridge the gap between the East and Western world.  Our lavishly illustrated books are both inviting and inclusive.

There are five series that are aimed at different age groups and subjects. They included Heroes from the East, The Travels of Ibn Battuta, Treasures from the East, Stories from the Quran and Lives of the Prophets.

Stories from the Quran for young children and The Heroes from the East, for 8-12, have been our most successful series. Our aim is to publish one hundred Heroes from the East which will cover the lives of important men and women from the East, from ancient times to the pre-modern period. Through the life of one hero at a time, the child will learn about the history of the region as well as the richness and diversity of its culture. We have carefully selected our heroes, prominent men and women, Muslims and non-Muslims. They include poets, philosophers, prophets, scholars, adventurers and scientists.

A full illustrated catalogue of our books for children and young people will appear on this website shortly.